El Tunco, El Salvador

I did not originally plan on traveling to El Salvador. But while traveling in Guatemala I met a few people who visited El Tunco in particular that absolutely loved it. In the end, I decided to stop in El Tunco for a little bit on my way to Nicaragua. I’ve been traveling almost all by bus because it’s cheaper than flying, but that usually means long, uncomfortable bus rides, so my stop in El Tunco was simply a way to break up what otherwise would have been a 16-hour bus ride to León. 

Luckily for me, a met a great group of Australians at a hostel in El Paredón, Guatemala, my last stop before heading to Nicaragua. They had paid for a shuttle to El Tunco and so I hopped in the van with them (it made the trip cheaper for everyone) – I didn’t know any of them, but that is part of the beauty of traveling. I was a lone traveler among a group of 5 Aussies (4 of them dudes), so really anything could have happened to me. Sometimes it’s scary traveling with strangers, but most often you just have to trust – even, and especially, as a woman traveling alone. I’m so glad I did because I ended up falling in love with each and every one of them, as we all stayed together in El Tunco for a few days before moving together to León. Sometimes goofy, sometimes rowdy, but all around very friendly, open, funny, inclusive and kind, I spent about four days with them in El Tunco and had an absolute blast getting to know them, joking around with them, and doing a bit of surfing as well. 

El Tunco itself is a small little surfer beach town, where it’s not uncommon to meet locals who’ve been surfing for their entire lives (like my own surf instructor). The waves are strong and the beach is gorgeous. Apparently the sunsets there are quite stunning, but while I was there it was usually cloudy in the evenings. The following pictures are from one of my evenings on the beach, searching for a sunset that hid behind stormy clouds. 


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