Hikes #3 and 4: Indian Nose & San Pedro

The following photos are from a sunrise hike that I did while staying at Lake Atitlán. I woke up at about 3:30 in the morning for this! The sunrise over the enormous lake, over the surrounding volcanic terrain, and the other towns of Atitlán was a SIGHT, let me tell you. Well actually, let me show you:

And below are some pictures from when I hiked up Volcán San Pedro. A good portion of the volcano is used as farmland, and on the way up I was *so very lucky* to see coffee plants in late bloom!! After arriving in Guatemala, I took a tour of a coffee plantation and learned about the coffee growing process, during which I learned that the coffee picking season ends in March, and that I (sadly) arrived too late in the year to see them at their prime. But I got lucky and saw a bunch of coffee trees with ripe coffee beans (the red ones are ready for picking) and I had to stop for pictures. (Side note: coffee farmers are also paid shit compared to the buyers who sell the beans in wealthier countries, despite that coffee farmers put in A LOT of work every day for maintaining and harvesting the crop. Buying fair trade coffee isn’t the final answer for fair pay, and it has its problems, but it’s something.) 

At the peak, these colorful lizards were everywhere. I had to be super sneaky to get a good photo because they are timid and very fast. Thank god for the zoom lense on my camera. Because look how gorgeous this guy is. 😀

View from atop Volcán San Pedro!
This last image was taken on the way down the volcano – it’s a good view of San Pedro (where I stayed on the lake).

These hikes were waaaaaay easier than my Acatenango hike, though San Pedro still left me sore for a couple days. The pain has subsided but I surely won’t forget these incredible views. I think I have fallen in love with the Guatemalan sunrise. 


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