San Pedro La Laguna of Lago Atitlán

San Pedro! I got to stay in this cute little lakeside town for the past week and take in the amazing natural beauty that is Lago Atitlán, a lake created from volcanic activity from thousands of years ago. Currently there are three volcanoes bordering the region. Around the lake, there are 12 separate villages, mostly made up of Mayan communities. I stayed in San Pedro for the week, but was able to visit a few of the other towns to learn a bit more about Mayan culture and Guatemalan history and to do some exploring (which I’ll write about in a later post). Below are a few of my photos from San Pedro. Enjoy 🙂

This was a sunrise view from right outside my hostel dorm. I didn’t intend to wake up nearly every morning to see the sunrise…but the birds here are incredibly loud at 6 am. Ha.
In San Pedro, most of the streets are too narrow for a regular car or truck to drive through. Thus, the little city-beside-the-lake is comprised mostly of mopeds, motorcycles, and the local taxi, called a “tuk tuk.” Tuk tuks fit at most 3 people plus the driver. They are all decked out differently according to the driver’s preference, and they drive around the town like little race cars, or like the go-karts you might find at a golf course – speeding up and then taking sharp turns around corners, narrowly avoiding pedestrians and dogs walking nearby. I actually got clipped in the arm by a passing tuk-tuk one day while walking in the street. It didn’t hurt, but now I make sure I get the fuck out the way when I hear one coming. To some people they might seem too dangerous or reckless, but they are a quirky part of this place and it’s fun to ride in them, and I quite like them! 😛

Here is one of the ports in San Pedro, where folks can take a “lancha” (or water taxi) across the lake to one of the other 12 villages. (Trust me, it’s easier to take a lancha than it is to travel around the lake by land – the terrain is too steep and windy for a quick drop in the next town over.)
At this dock, there were several abandoned buildings which had all been overtaken by water. After asking one of the locals, we found out that a hurricane from 6 years ago wrecked what used to be a beach. After the water levels rose, the area is now mostly used for lanchas, fishermen, and the occasional group of kids who want to go diving off the dock.


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